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Computer games - the most advanced software

  • This weekend the company Sega engaged in advertising sales. As a pleasant opportunity for buyers selling Total War and Minecraft games series. Buy Steam'e licensed versions of entire seven-part series can be had for $ 32. This caused a certain interest of journalists, and we can turn to James Russell, one of the creators of the game in the second sub-series "Rome." He was engaged in the design development for it. James said that he can not lie and unnecessary flattery to say that today is the game for the PC is the most advanced and powerful software. If you think, you can see that this is true - indeed, it is for them, not for Photoshop and video editors we first buy a powerful home computers. Sometimes you can go to the store wheels and tires and see that even when playing computer games.


    James explained his convictions somewhat differently. According to him, in the same Rome II of the Total War series, contains about 3 million lines of code! If we make them at each other, we could get a mount, which will exceed the size of Mount Everest, not to mention the more modest peaks and "tiny" apartment buildings. Swipe mesmerizing.


    But this is only one code! For the characters in one of the parts needed to landfills in 2000, in a more advanced Shogun 2 - already about 4500! As Rome II, the situation there is even worse - no less than 6,000 polygons for the characters involved. This requires a long and careful work to play Minecraft, for example. Animators worked hard to represent the four thousand animations with a huge number of moving parts, each soldier. And while 46 cameras were used to capture the movements of the actors (in some games they are taken as the standard and help developers create the correct characters who look human and do not move like dolls).


    For the voice of the game, take for example, used 5000 sounds and 500 000 words. Above the voice acting of the English version were employed over a hundred actors. It is, incidentally, will be released in the near future. And it is possible that it will be on the heels of another attack, many more powerful game, because the power of computer entertainment are growing with each passing day. They are becoming more expensive to produce and, apparently, so are attracted more and more serious gamers.

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