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Best NBA big man? Rudy Gobert: 'Right now, I think it's me'

  • The Pelicans won their first four games after the return of Jrue Holiday on Nov. 18 but have gone just 3-10 since, with home wins against the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers and the overtime victory over the Suns.

    He left the court without a signature jumper over Bryon Russell, without a mic and certainly without plans for a comeback. On his way off, Duncan raised one finger to the crowd, not to stake a claim at greatness, but to offer an acknowledgement and thanks. He knew it was time to go, and he knew the jetski wasn’t going to ride itself.

    "To R.C. and Pop, we're all part of a puzzle, you guys put it together and we're out here every year, winning and winning championships, and creating an atmosphere that we like to take some credit for but you guys put together. Thank you," Duncan said. "Thank you, Coach Pop, for being more than a coach -- for being more like a father to me. Thank you."

    Indeed, Duncan wasn’t merely an answer for San Antonio. Over nearly two decades, Duncan was The Solution, a sophisticated, understated, overlooked all-timer who claimed five titles and reached an unmatched level of sustained success in a single market. For 19 straight years, San Antonio won at least 60% of its games and made the playoffs. For 18 straight years, every season until his swan song, Duncan posted a Player Efficiency cheap football jerseys Rating above 21. He made 12 straight All-Star Games (15 in all), earned 15 All-NBA selections, and took home 15 All-Defensive selections.

    Gobert has a pretty good idea of how well he has been playing for the sizzling Jazz, who have won 11 of 13 games despite playing without point guard George Hill for most of that stretch. If you dont believe me, just ask Gobert who he believes is the best center in the NBA.

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    Also, keep in mind Greenberg—who is likable on air­­—has logged hundreds of thousands of quality hours for ESPN and the network has been good about repaying that loyalty back with cash and opportunity. At 49, this seems to be a moment where Greenberg would want to try something new. My bet is that sooner than later, we see an announcement that ESPN is building a morning show.

    No, Duncan simply went to work. With less than three minutes left, he methodically backed down Ibaka, bumping, bumping, reversing, pumping up-and-under, banking and finishing. A minute later, Duncan was back at it again, drop-stepping through the paint on wholesale jerseys Ibaka, rotating like a sun dial as he went through the slow-motion move, to set up a turnaround look that earned him go-ahead free throws. Then, with less than 30 seconds left, San Antonio painstakingly worked to exploit a mismatch between Duncan and Reggie Jackson. With the ball on the block and the much smaller Jackson on his back, Duncan was simply too big and too fundamental: one rhythm dribble and a drop-step set up a clean fade-away that slowly rattled in.

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