Brothers Joshua and Zachary Swauger have been building the JACKIE FAME brand for the past several years. It all started with the fastest growing youth social network: www.jfame.com

The network generated over 4 million members, visitors and views just in the first 120 days after the launch of version 2.0. The boys wrote and published an internet safety book titled "Kid2Kid Keepin' it Safe Online" sold today at Barnes & Noble and Amazon; followed by the launch of their FAMEbody & FAMEnails personal product lines; FAME50 ~ an awesome discount program connecting businesses and members; FAMEfitness ~ a nutrition and fitness program for the youth audience; The Genius Generation ~ a reality TV program featuring young people doing extraordinary things in business and in life; and FAMEit ~ a cool new visual social media platform. These teen brothers are hard at work, continuing to develop new products and services around the hub of the Jackie Fame brand.

Who is Jackie Fame?

"Jackie Fame is everyone... It's not a gender or a skin color. It's not just about being famous, like an athlete or movie star, FAME is about more, much more, including the arts, music, school, work, helping those in need, and even how we treat our friends and family" says Joshua. "It's every one of us who strives to be the best, all the time, at whatever we do. Now that's TRUE FAME, that's Jackie Fame" adds Zachary. While the brothers are in the process of building revenue, they both vow to donate to charitable organizations that help other kids such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Special Olympics and other important local children's charities. Thanks for your participation! Stay awesome! Founders & Company Spokesmen, Joshua & Zachary Swauger

Contact Information:

Jackie Fame, Inc. East Coast Office, North Carolina 3380 Denver Drive, Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28037

Jackie Fame, Inc. West Coast Office, California 3500 West Olive Avenue, Suite 300 Burbank, CA 9150

Telephone: (310) 684-3501
Fax: (818) 450-0912

Email Points of Contact

General Questions: Info@JackieFame.net Member Services: Members@JackieFame.net Partners & Business Development: Partners@JackieFame.net Careers & Human Resources: Careers@JackieFame.net Technical Issues: Technical@JackieFame.net Press & Public Relations: Press@JackieFame.net